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The influence of separative planets and malefics on second house and its lord makes a native uninterested in money and detached from kiths and kins. Similarly the twelfth house is a domain for Moksha amongst other things and influence of Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars etc. When Ram Mandir will be constructed? Rahu Role in Progeny — Astrology Research. Understanding Planet Sun and Saturn Relations. Promise of Second Marriage in Horoscope. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Auspicious Vehicle Purchase Dates — Panchang. Amit Shah Birth Chart Analysis. Suicide in Vedic Astrology. A Worst Conjunction — Rahu Jupiter. Medical Astrology and Rahu Ketu transit — Maitreya Muhurtham to By tamiljothidamtips On Apr 14, Lagna Lord and Moon Lord: The lagna lord is an important planet. If Lagna or Moon lord, besides being placed in aforesaid places, is also influenced by the separative planets then it leads to renunciation. For example—a dictum says that the weak lagna lord aspected by the weak Saturn leads to renunciation.

A weak Moon lord aspected by the weak Saturn also leads to renunciation. The aspect of the twelfth lord to Lagna and Moon lords should also be considered detaching. This gives rise to a powerful Sannyasa Yoga in his horoscope. Navamsa and Marriage Lord: The Navamsa should also be carefully studied for strength of the planets in these Yogas as well as for their subtle implications. The Atmakaraka is the planet with the highest degrees in any sign.

Atmakaraka in the Pisces navamasa suggests a ripened soul. The seventh house suggests marriage and if the lord of the seventh is influenced by malefics in navamsa as well as the lagna—then marriage is denied. You might also like More from author. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end.

WordPress Shortcode. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. PKMastro 1. Avid Astrologer By Paul Kekai Manansala Always spiritually inclined, especially starting in my late teens, at a relatively late age in my early 30s , I became attracted to the mystical art and, some would say, science of the Vedic astrology of India.

Learning mostly on my own at first, I started to correspond with a well-known astrologer from India, R. Santhanam, the founder, publisher and editor of The Times of Astrology magazine, and of numerous popular books on the subject. After becoming sufficiently versed in the art, I began to write articles for The Times of Astrology, often comparing Jyotisha or Jyotish , the Indian system, to other astrological traditions around the world. These articles and other writings were published from the early s to about At the time, I even read charts and fancied taking the practice up as a profession!

Here's one of my ads from the Nov-Dec issue of Yoga Journal: 2.

Santhanam was ready to publish a book I had written titled "The Sakadweepa System of Astrology," but the bureaucratic paperwork and hoops for overseas contracts in India became too much so it never came to fruition. As things happen, the need to make more money forced me away from pursuing serious astrology especially after Sri Santhanam passed away early due to illness in The interest, though, never waned too much and I tried to maintain my skills in the art. Let me use my own birth chart to demonstrate some of my knowledge in this area: 3.

In Vedic astrology, the houses are made of whole signs. According to the highly regarded sage Parasara, at least one planet must be strong among this combination. If the strong planets are combust, then the person takes on the nature of the strongest planet. In my case, all the other planets are combust Mars and Jupiter are strong , so I take on the Sanyasa Yoga of the Sun, i.

If a number of planets are endowed with strength, the holy order of the one, strongest amongst them, is accepted. If the other planets lose their strength as a result of combustion with the Sun, the native will enter the holy order, as signified by the Sun, that is, he will become a Tapasvi. In this case, my Moon is in Capricorn in drekkana and receives Saturn's 10th house aspect in the birth chart. This yoga urges the person to take on the sanyasa renunciation of Saturn such as that of a Naga sadhu.

Note that in the first yoga, the four planets are in Scorpio, one of the moksha-trikona or spiritual triangle of signs in Vedic astrology. The Moon is also in the fourth house with Venus, and the fourth house is in the moksha-trikona of the astrological houses for the second Sanyasa Yoga. The term "sanyasa" refers to a person who renounces worldly material things for a spiritual life. It is considered an "auspicious" yoga in India, which highly values people who dedicate themselves spiritually.

Other spiritual indications include Ketu south lunar node , the spiritual planet, occupying Pisces, another of the moksha-trikona of signs rasis. Ketu is in the 10th house, an angle kendra , and receives beneficial aspects from Jupiter, Venus and the Moon. Ketu is also in the eighth house from a special spiritual point known as the karakamsa and aspects the 12th house from this point.

Both the 8th and 12th are part of the moksha-trikona of houses bhavas. Ketu, itself, aspects the Sanyasa Yoga conjunction mutual aspect with Jupiter in Scorpio and the Moon-Venus conjunction in the 4th house further indicating deep spiritual urges toward moksha. Of the moksha houses, Venus, the lord of 12th house is in the 4th house and Saturn, lord of the 8th house, aspects the 4th house.

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All four planets in Scorpio aspect the 12th house. Jupiter, a natural benefic and also a functional benefic for Gemini ascendant, casts a sole aspect on the spiritual karakamsa sign. Raja Yogas According to Parasara, if "the lord of a kona [trine] is in a kendra [angle], or vice a versa," there is a mutual association sambandha for Raja Yoga, a combination that can bring worldly success, fame and recognition. In my chart, you can see the angular 4th house is occupied by Venus, the lord of the trinal 9th house. A similar Raja Yoga comes from Saturn, lord of the trinal 5th house, occupying the angular 7th house.

Furthermore, the sage gives a way of finding out the states avasthas of these Raja Yoga planets by looking into the divisional charts to see if they are in their dignities or if they occupy angles to a materialistic central point known as the Arudha Lagna. If two of these planets achieve matching states they form a special yoga.

In the case of Saturn and Jupiter, they reach the avastha of Simhasana of which Parasara states:. In the present age so born is Yudhishtira Dharmraja of Mahabharata. Salivahana's birth and that of others will also come with this yoga. However, while Jupiter and Saturn are both strong, the Raja Yogas is compromised as Jupiter is combust.

Mercury is also combust in the other Raja Yoga. Well, maybe next time. In this chart, Ketu is in the 10th and Rahu in the 4th. Ketu receives an aspect from Venus, the lord of the trinal 5th house. Rahu is in mutual association with Venus.

Sanyasa yoga

Furthermore, Rahu has a full 10th house aspect from Saturn, the lord of the 9th trikona house. In this case, all the planets in Raja Yoga are free from combustion and high in Shadbala six-fold strength. The Sanyasa Yoga, though, overrules Raja Yogas. The latter, though, can still lead to a certain type of success and fame, though. The chart also reveals a Raja Yoga from the Jaimini system of astrology. The conjoined Moon and Venus give Raja Yoga, and this is especially strong when the the Atmakaraka, Venus in this case, is also present.

Another type of Raja Yoga involves the cancellation of the debilitation of a planet Neechabhanga Rajayoga. In this chart, Venus is debilitated in Virgo in the 4th house.


According to some authorities, just being in an angular house will cancel debility. However, Venus also gets Neechabhanga Rajayoga as the lords of the exaltation and debility signs of the planet are in mutual kendras as they are conjoined in Scorpio. Additionally, three planets having directional strength digbala -- the Moon and Venus in the 4th and Saturn in the 7th — give Raja Yoga. These planets are all free from combustion and strong in Shadbala, and Saturn has a particularly excellent avastha Phaladeepika in the divisional charts from having friendly relationships with the other planets.

Parasara states that the 9th house lord, Saturn in this case, in Simhasana avastha "will be mighty and truthful, conqueror of his senses and will concentrate only on the Brahman, giving up all religions.

Tapaswi yoga in astrology what house

Life is always a combination of struggle and success. While I have never felt compelled to become a naked sadhu, maybe if I was raised and living in India, I would [wink]. Raja yogas existing at the same time as Sanyasa Yogas is not a rare situation. They may manifest differently depending on one's culture and environment along with the family that one is born into in this world.

However, while I may not take to the forests, river banks or mountains eating roots and nuts like a vanaprastha of the solar Sanyasa Yoga, my interests do include the forest and the environment in general. Four planets in the 6th house, the house of animals and pets, ruled by Mars, the planet 6.

What is Moksha Yoga?

From the Moon, the Sanyasa Yoga takes place in the 3rd house of communication, including writing, which is the "career" path that I chose. Not writing of novels or textbooks, but I leaned much more toward a role of activism and advocacy on a range of issues with a strong bias toward healing our planet. Mars is the final "dispositor" of all the planets and his natural significations have been strong in my life history so far.

Additionally, Saturn and Ketu stand for animals, particularly dogs, which have also played a huge role. Both these planets are quite strong and well-positioned for worldly activities, and the can also stand for the forest as well as the terra firma. Saturn and Ketu also signify the common person and democracy and it has been in line with this focus that I have directed my political activity.